Vini Rabasco : 'Cancelli' Vino Rosso : Montepulciano | 2017

Vini Rabasco

'Cancelli' Vino Rosso

Montepulciano | 2017

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Vini Rabasco wines are a reminder not to discount a varietal based on the parent region's propensity for using it in conventional bulk production. While an inexpensive 'pizza wine' will always have a place,winemaker Iole Rabasco has proven that central Italy's Abruzzo region is capable of coaxing unique and interesting wines from their flagship Montepulciano grape. Having inherited an already chemical-free vineyard and olive grove from her family,it's no surprise that Iole adheres to strict 'zero zero' (no sulfur) winemaking.  Her intended style is one of energy and freshness that might otherwise be compromised by additions of any sort. This unmasked aspect of her wine allows the meso and micro climates of her nearly nine acre estate to convey the close proximity of both the Gran Sasso mountain to the west and Adriatic Sea to the east. The 'Cancelli Rosso' comes from vines over 40 years old,trained in the traditional tendone style pergola and worked by hand. Yields are kept low but not at the expense of acidity,lest they become overpowering and extracted. Light,bright,and reminiscent of a cherry Italian ice,this is 'succo puro' (pure juice) at its best.

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