Subject to Change : 'Method Ancestral' Sparkling Wine : Sauvignon Blanc | 2017

Subject to Change

'Method Ancestral' Sparkling Wine

Sauvignon Blanc | 2017

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Founded by winemaker Alex Pomerantz and two wine-loving friends,Subject To Change continues to be an ambassador for California growers in under-represented regions that are otherwise proving to be great sources of quality organic and biodynamic grapes.
The Feliz Creek vineyard near the town of Hopland in Mendocino County is no exception,yielding the Sauvignon Blanc for this bottling in what's sadly the last,after circumstance required replanting in place of the 40 year old vines.
Made via Ancestral Method (aka Petillant-Naturel or Pet-Nat),their process is unique as a portion of the unfermented grape juice (aka must) was frozen at crush,later to be added back to the remaining base wine that'd been fermented to dryness and layered with fruit having undergone carbonic maceration. The result is lightly sparkling and balanced by 12g/L of residual sugar for a cloudy 'breakfast wine' too good for Mimosas.

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