Southold Farm & Cellar : 'Fill It Up With Joy' : Picpoul Blanc | 2017

Southold Farm & Cellar

'Fill It Up With Joy'

Picpoul Blanc | 2017

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Founded by owners and proprietors Regan and Carey Meador in 2013,Southold Farm & Cellars began its existence as a boutique winery with a small vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island in New York State. Due to unfortunate circumstances involving rejected permits and slow-moving bureaucracy the couple decided to move on from their original property,eventually leading them all the way out to Gillespie County,Texas to begin anew. After locating and purchasing a suitable piece of land in 2016,the Meadors planted a vineyard and built their own small winery that would become the new official home of Southold Farm & Cellars. Southold Farm & Cellars observes a non-interventionalist approach in the cellar. The core of their efforts are directed towards highly intentional farming,and all decisions are made with the intention of expressing the unique personality of Texas terroir. They actively plant,seek out,and craft wines from uncommon and esoteric grape varieties such as Lagrein,Picpoul Blanc,and Alicante Bouschet,often shaping the fruit into category-blurring and distinct wine styles. This 2017 skin-fermented Picpoul Blanc is a wonderful example of adventurous wines Southold Farm & Cellars is regularly creating. Its flavor profile is driven by warm citrus,crushed orchard fruit,and a cornucopia of raw and funky natural tones. It is a unique and thought-provoking bottle that will blow away all assumptions and predispositions.

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