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Raft : 'Cavaillon' : Viognier | 2017 - Rae Vino



Viognier | 2017

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Winemaker Jennifer Reichardt's journey to founding Raft Wines in 2016 revolved around a community that celebrates the land and all that's shared from it.
Since 1901,her family has been raising ducks for restaurants in the Bay Area so the tradition of pairing food with wine holds special appreciation. Defined as a 'dense flock of swimming birds',the name Raft acknowledges the aforementioned heritage and community that's kept her afloat.
After extensive experience spanning Sonoma,Chile,and Australia,2017's harvest came full circle to Central Valley's 'Love Ranch' in California. With the help of close friends,the first pick of the season brought in Viognier grown on soils reminiscent of France's Rhone Valley.
Destemmed and fermented in a small bin,grapes were gently punched down twice a day prior to pressing,followed by time in neutral oak barrel. Unfined and unfiltered,the wine was appropriately named for a color like that of a French 'Cavaillon' (a melon sharing the name of the southeast town in France where it's grown) and an equally rich texture thanks to extended skin contact.

Product Specifications

Jennifer Reichardt
Alcohol %
750 ml

"Started in 2016 from a feeling of joy – joy of the land, of the food and wine we can produce, and of the joy we have when we share around the table.  My journey to get here revolved around the table and the community that I shared the table with. This community is my raft, keeping me afloat every step of the way.

Since 1901, my family has been in the food industry of California, most specifically raising ducks for restaurants in the Bay Area. In the most literal sense of the word, a raft is a dense flock of swimming birds, just like a duck. These wines are here to be paired with food, or with Liberty Duck, and wines that can come with you to every meal.

The winemaking bug bit in the spring of 2011, and that autumn I completed my first harvest in Sonoma County, California. Over the next few years, I completed six additional harvests, to the Sonoma Coast, down to Chile, back to Sonoma Coast, down to Australia, and back again. Harvest number eight brought in a new meaning, as I get to craft a wine of my own, to share with my friends, family, and community.

CAVAILLON is a bright orange melon, sharing a name with the town in southeast France where it is grown. The melon is known for its endless floral aromatics and rich flavor. The Raft Wine CAVAILLON  is a skin fermented Viognier, a dedication to the melon with it’s beautiful color, texture, and taste." - Raft Wines

Vineyard notes

-Sub-region: Madera

-Farming: Organic

Awards and accolades

-Importer: N/A (domestically sourced)

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