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Pipette : Issue 2 : February | 2019 - Rae Vino


Issue 2

February | 2019

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Pipette is the world’s first indie mag about natural wines — and it’s print-only. The articles are accompanied by original, professional photography and artwork.  Issue 2 features:

  • An interview with natural wine journalist Alice Feiring
  • An interview with Athenaïs de Béru, winemaker in Chablis
  • An interview with Montréal wine importer Vanya Filipovic
  • Features on the following winemakers:
    • Denavolo (Emilia-Romagna)
    • St. Reginald Parish (Oregon);
    • Slovenian natural wine
    • La Perdida (Galicia)
    • Lapati Wines (Republic of Georgia)
    • Nusserhof (Tyrol)
  • A personal essay about Costadilà wines’ founder Ernesto Cattel
  • An interview with Fleur Godart, natural wine distributor in Paris
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