Meinklang : 'Mulatschak' Roter : Red Blend | 2018


'Mulatschak' Roter

Red Blend | 2018

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Meinklang is a multifaceted biodynamic farm and winery located in Austria's Neusidlersee region near the banks of Lake Neusiedl in eastern Austria. In addition to growing a variety of wine grapes, the farm is home to cattle and various agricultural crops and herbs, which helps to create biodiversity and healthy, nutrient-rich soils. Mienklang is run by a team of three brothers who abandoned the pursuit of more lucrative corporate careers to chase a dream running of their own agricultural enterprise. Their ultimate goal is to farm sustainably without the need for chemicals or artificial inputs, and these practices are reflected in their winemaking as well. In the cellar, Meinklang wines always begin with native yeast fermentation, with the addition of sulfur being largely avoided as the focus is always on expressing the true character of fruit and terroir over excess extraction or manipulation. 

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