Martha Stoumen : 'Post Flirtation' : White Blend | 2018

Martha Stoumen

'Post Flirtation'

White Blend | 2018

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Given the prohibitive cost of land in California, foregoing viticulture in favor of simply purchasing grapes from a grower and making wine from them is understandably common amongst modern winemakers. Martha Stoumen, however, goes beyond that by also farming around half of the vineyards she sources from as her background lends to a much more involved approach.

Putting her agriculture and Italian undergraduate studies to use, she went to work at a small farm and learning center in Tuscany that focused her efforts in the vineyard more often than the winery. Tasked with also cultivating the surrounding olive orchard and vegetables while tending to farm animals and bees translated to a vigneronne's mindset that saw growing grapes and making wine as part of a larger system.

Returning to pursue a Master's degree at US Davis, Martha intermixed a series of apprenticeships across Germany, California, New Zealand, France and Italy, with the latter at the famed COS Winery in Sicily.

The 2019 'Post Flirtation' White Blend is 33% Colombard, 26% Marsanne, 23% Roussanne, and 18% Muscat Blanc. According to Martha, "this mineral driven wine gives off aromas of fresh ocean air, white pepper and kiwi. A beautifully light bodied wine that would complement a variety of foods from Dim Sum to oysters. At only 9.5% alcohol this wine is great from brunch to aperitif to dinner and after. Take me anywhere!"

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