Las Jaras : 'Glou Glou' : Red Blend | 2018

Las Jaras

'Glou Glou'

Red Blend | 2018

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Joel Burt and Eric Wareheim are both well-known,albeit for different reasons. Joel's reputation stems from several years of renowned winemaking in Napa/Sonoma whereas Eric's roles in 'Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!' and the Netflix original series 'Master of None' lends to broader audience recognition. As time goes on,we suspect both will be best known for their 'Las Jaras' label as the wines have earned the respect of the natural wine community on the merits of quality rather than celebrity alignment,which is otherwise common in the conventional wine industry but an inaccurate description of this particular collaboration. On the contrary,fame from Eric's success in entertainment initially created a perception challenge that their wines were either a comedian's joke or likely to disappoint. Neither is accurate as evidenced by the outcome of their latest 'Glou Glou' bottling. True to its name,the 2018 vintage is a refreshing,chuggable red blend of four different grapes sourced from half a dozen vineyards in northern California's Mendocino and Solano Counties. Picked early to ensure lower alcohol and ample acidity,each lot was vinified separately,with most undergoing carbonic maceration prior to aging in either barrel or tank. To quote Las Jaras,"Serve this slightly chilled,and you will be the hero of your next backyard barbecue"!

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