j. brix : 'Sunrise Over Skin' : Riesling | 2018

j. brix

'Sunrise Over Skin'

Riesling | 2018

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Founded by the husband and wife team of Jody and Emily Towe, J. Brix Wines is a small family-run winery operation based in San Diego County, California. J. Brix Wines began almost by accident after Jody & Emily were inspired to try their hand at making wine after working a harvest in Santa Barbara County, and their wines reflect an adventurous and experimental nature as a result. While they do not own any of their own vines, the J. Brix team works with vineyards all up and down the state of California, often specializing in sites and grape varieties that are unconventional and unique. In the cellar, their winemaking is intentionally hands-off, typically employing the use of only native yeast ferments, neutral vessels for aging, and minimal additions of S02. 

This 2018 Skin-Contact Riesling is an excellent example of the J. Brix team's willingness to experiment and think outside the box. Using Riesling fruit from the Kick On Ranch Vineyard outside the town of Los Alamos, Jody & Emily have created a wine that transcends expectations for this legendary German grape. This wine is absolutely packed with immensely juicy fruit flavors of apricot, mango, and peach, and backs them up with surprising tannin and grip on the palate. There is a distinct sense of fullness here that is only possible with extended skin contact. For anyone curious about exploring orange wine, this bottle would be a terrific introduction to the genre. 

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