Ignios Origenes : Listan Negro | 2016

Ignios Origenes

Listan Negro | 2016

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Borja Perez is a blend of tradition and modernity. He's part of a family that has been producing wine in the Canary Islands for years and champions indegenous varieties accordingly. He also works as a fireman by day,opts for the efficiency of mechanization when practical,and enlists a graphic designer (his brother) in creating his labels.
After finishing his Agriculture Engineering studies in 2007,Borja began working with his father and uncle,eventually purchasing their winery in 2011 to launch Ignios Origenes. Located on Tenerife,the largest of Spain's Canary Islands off West Africa,Borja sought to showcase the volcanic soils,Atlantic climate,and Alysian winds of his homeland using single vineyards planted to four local varieties.
The Listan Negro harvested for this bottling is from Buenavista Norte,a 40-year-old vineyard planted with ungrafted vines flanking a banana plantation close to sea level. Farming is organic,the winery is gravity-fed and fermentation is conducted in stainless steel using native yeast prior to time in French oak barrels and minimal sulfites at bottling. Serve slightly chilled and enjoy the aromatics,minerality,and salinity unique to the Canary Islands.

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