Duzsi Tamas : Rosé of Blaufrankisch | 2017

Duzsi Tamas

Rosé of Blaufrankisch | 2017

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Producer: Duzsi Tamas      Importer: Unknown

Tamas Duzsi may be heralded as the 'King of Rose', but he also produces roughly 25 different types of wine from 400 tons of grapes and has been a prominent figure in Hungary's Szekszard region that's gradually establishing a presence of family wineries. Having entered viticulture high school in 1964 and later graduating from college as a horticulture engineer, Tamas was well-prepared when he purchased his 8+ acre vineyard that included only the Kekfrankos grape (aka Blaufrankisch) at the time. The estate was a symbolic homecoming of sorts, as his family's chateau in south Hungary had been nationalized under communism and the 'land compensation' process in the 90's finally allowed for the re-acquisition of land. With three of his seven children on a formal winemaking path, Tamas should have no shortage of help during future vintages. Son Bence is already involved, having participated in hand-harvesting the 2017 Rose from their Sióagárd-Lányvár vineyard. Fermented in stainless steel via native yeast, the wine was exposed to cold winter air so as to remove tartaric acid crystals prior to bottling in March.

Product Specifications

Tamas Duzsi
Southern Hungary
Red / Rosé
Alcohol %

"Our Szekszárd based family winery has been established in 1994. Most of our estate is situated in Sióagárd – where our best roze's are made, and also in the slopes of Görögszó, where our best red wines come from.
A 3.3 hectar blaufrankische vineyard used to form the basis of our estate in the beginning of the 90's, that we have managed to purchase and obtain based on the work of our ancestors. Our ancestors were Swabian farmers in Nagykozar, and their estate formed the basis of the local agricultural centre in the communist era, at the time.

We currently own and work on a 40 hectar land, whilst also integrating grapes from an additional 20 hectar via our contracted partners.

We have built our classic wine processing factory in 2001, in Sióagárd-Lányvár, that enables fast and gentle processing of our produce locally. The main building itself is built in front of 3 loess cellars, that provide excellent climate for the barrel ageing processes of our red wines. Additionally, we also own another few loess cellars in the same town, where we also store and barrel age our wines.

Sióagárd is a unique “cellar-town”, that offers a spectacular spot of interest to the wine tourists, who visit the area. The cellars are situated in a layered structure that embraces a loes hill around, in a number of “floors” height. Each of these cellars provide ideal climate to the wines of the local growers. This is also where our cellar called “Probus Cellar” is situated, where we hold our professional wine tasting sessions & welcome our guests and wine fans.

In Kadarka Street, in Szekszard city, we have also purchased, saved and renovated a 150 year old cellar for the later generations. We have kept all of it's original features & we have built an additional cottage next to it. We hold professional wine tastings in this building too for those interested in our range of wines. This is where we also store our historical collections in an attempt to pay respect to the work of our ancestors." -Dúzsi Tamás Winery

Vineyard notes

-Sub-region: Szekszard

-Farming: Organic

Awards and accolades

-Importer: Palinkerie

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