Deux Punx : (Carbonic) Pinot Noir | 2017 - Rae Vino

Deux Punx

(Carbonic) Pinot Noir | 2017

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Deux Punx was founded in 2008 by Dan Schaaf and Aaron Olson, two self-admitted "aging punks", who started their small winery with the goal of crafting minimalist wines that first and foremost let vineyard and vintage speak clearly in the glass. The two set off on their winemaking adventure with no intention of quitting their day jobs as engineers and to this day have managed to maintain their regular 9 to 5's without issue. Deux Punx is based out of a small facility Napa and sources fruit from all over the west coast including sites in Lake County, Humboldt County, the Sierra Foothills, and even Oregon. In true punk fashion their wines differ starkly from the highly manipulated and extracted styles around them and strive first and foremost to remain authentic to grape and place. Deux Punx wines are shaped naturally using native yeast fermentation and neutral oak aging, and the team prefers minimal sulfur additions only when absolutely necessary. Each wine is handmade without the use of fancy or expensive equipment and is meant to express a level of freedom and authenticity characteristic of the punk scene.

This 2017 Carbonic Pinot Noir wonderfully exemplifies the adventurous and honest Deux Punx mentality. It is packed full of bright, juicy, and delicious fruit that feels as if it were just plucked from the vine and is backed by plenty of Pinot Noir's characteristic earthy foresty goodness. Expect cherry bubblegum, berry cola, and raspberry tea combined with pine nut and lavender oil to explode on your palate with perfect freshness. This wine manages to remain complex yet thoroughly unpretentious and nearly guarantees that a smile will accompany each sip.

Product Specifications

Dan Schaaf
Pinot Noir
Alcohol %

"All of our wines are produced, aged and bottled from a shared roll up in the light-industrial River East neighborhood of Napa. Each wine is produced in the same manner - native fermentation, minimal so2, neutral oak and ambient temperatures - we do our best to not screw with what comes out of the vineyards, not just rolling with but embracing the differences from one year to the next."-Deux Punx 

Vineyard notes

-Sub-region: Van Duzer Corridor

-Farming: Organic

Awards and accolades

-Importer: N/A (domestically sourced)

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