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Welcome to Rae Vino, a natural wine bar & shop named for our daughter and a longstanding affinity for Italian culture. We're a husband & wife duo that founded this company in late 2018, with a mission to support the natural wine community.

Like many others, we've always enjoyed wine but hadn't known that much of what we were consuming over the years was made industrially, using synthetic agrochemicals in the vineyards and various additives and forms of processing in the winery. Why would corporations manufacture a product with potential for negative health consequences and subpar quality? Whether for increased volume, shelf-life stability, or other unjustifiable reasons, the motivation is undoubtedly profit. But just as we scrutinize what we eat and reject the use of artificial preservatives, hormones, processed foods, and unethical treatment of farm animals, monitoring what we drink is of equal importance.

Our introduction to wines made from organic grapes, crafted without commercial or technological manipulation, was a serendipitous occurrence that put us on an irreversible path that continues to this day. We were astounded by the purity and liveliness of what we were drinking. The aromas and flavors were indescribably different, sometimes even strange, but reassuringly comprised only of fermented grape juice.

This is real wine in its original form, a labor of love that we hope becomes mainstream with your help in spreading awareness of small businesses like ours and of the artisans taking painstaking measures and no shortcuts in nurturing what mother nature has given us.

Thank you for joining us in supporting the growers, makers, and outspoken ambassadors that are the natural wine community. Enjoy the journey!

The Rae Vino family


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