Our Story


Rae Vino was founded in 2018 with a mission to support the natural wine community.

We champion small-production wineries (often family-owned), emerging talents, and well-known ambassadors of the genre in effort to elevate natural wine to a mainstream standard.

We believe producers should prioritize the environmental and consumer health benefits of organic farming and natural winemaking without compromising quality or overlooking wine faults.

So what is natural wine? With no official definition, you’ll encounter various perspectives that are ultimately true for whomever holds them. For us, the “nothing added, nothing taken away” generalization is a helpful starting point, but we maintain an open mind to the unique circumstances of a vineyard or vintage that may justify exceptions to the following stipulations that otherwise guide our supply-partnerships:

  • Organic grapes
  • Dry farming
  • Hand harvesting
  • Indigenous yeast
  • No acidification, chaptalization, or additions
  • No fining or filtration
  • Minimal S02 (at bottling)

Why all the rules? Eliminating the use of industrial agrochemicals on soils and vines in favor of organic alternatives can have a substantial positive impact on both the surrounding ecosystem and in minimizing residue that can otherwise contaminate the wine we drink. Just as we scrutinize artificial preservatives, hormones, and processed foods, monitoring what we drink is of equal importance that we’ll reflect in your monthly wine shipment.

We’re also of the opinion that natural wine consistently tastes better than those that are mass-produced or manipulated to achieve a specific appearance or flavor profile presumed to be appealing to unsuspecting buyers at the expense of a wine’s original character.

As wine club members, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy all aspects of your natural wine curation, so thank you for supporting Rae Vino.