Frequently Asked Questions

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Currently an unregulated term, we acknowledge that our definition of natural wine may change over time but as of now we use the following stipulations to guide our supply-partnerships:

  • Organic grapes
  • Dry farming
  • Hand harvesting
  • Indigenous yeast
  • No acidification, chaptalization, or additions
  • No fining or filtration
  • Minimal S02 (at bottling)

As part of our mission to support the natural wine community, we felt it appropriate to partner with an organization advancing adoption of organic farming practices. Please visit our Charity Donation page for more information.

We believe that equal opportunity and diversity contribute to positive outcomes and our explicit spotlight of Female winemakers reflects our support in balancing wine industry composition.

While we’ll continuously source wines from an extensive group of suppliers, we acknowledge that wine club members may develop a preference for specific importers for whom a filter on our Bottles page facilitates ease of purchase.

We currently partner with WineUp to host tastings featuring Rae Vino wine selections. Please use our contact form or email to inquire.

Please use our contact form or email to discuss inclusion in our monthly wine club or bottle shop.


Wine club members receive one shipment each month.

Your monthly wine club shipment may include both still and sparkling wines sourced from any and all producers, regions, grape varietals, or vintages within the boundaries of your chosen red, white, or mixed allocation.


Your monthly wine club shipment will include an unduplicated assortment of wines in 4-bottle and 8-bottle memberships where as 12-bottle memberships will feature 4 duplicate bottles thoughtfully selected by Rae Vino for repeat enjoyment.

For comparative or educational purposes, we may opt for uniformity in showcasing a single producer, region, grape varietal, or vintage as follows:

  • Multiple bottles from the same producer sourced from different regions, grape varietals, or vintages
  • Multiple bottles from the same region sourced from different producers, grape varietals, or vintages
  • Multiple bottles from the same grape varietal sourced from different producers, regions, or vintages
  • Multiple bottles from the same vintage sourced from different producers, regions, or grape varietals


Pending unforeseen circumstances, you can expect to receive an email within the first week of each month confirming the details of wines selected for your monthly wine club shipment.

Yes, simply follow the instructions below:

1) Sign in to your account

2) Navigate to the ‘Club Memberships’ section

3) Click on the ‘Put Your Club On Hold’ link

4) Choose the start and end date of your hold

5) Input an optional reason for feedback

Yes, provided inventory remains.  Please browse our Bottles page and note that Wine Club members receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

Please use our contact form or email with the details of your request and we’ll update your wine club membership accordingly.

Please use our contact form or email for instruction on how to ship wine back to us.  Upon receipt, we will refund your order and contact you regarding potential replacement at your discretion.

Note that a single returned and refunded shipment does not cancel your wine club membership entirely and you will receive your next shipment in the upcoming month as scheduled.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Navigate to the ‘Club Memberships’ section
  • Click on the ‘Cancel Wine Club’ link
  • Choose your reason
  • Input optional commentary for feedback

Note that if the cancellation is prior to our processing your payment on the first of the month, no charges will be incurred. Cancellations after the first of the month will require a refund for which you’ll need to use our contact form or email with confirmation of the refund request.

At this time, there is no means for you to manually cancel your bottle or merchandise order in account settings so please use our contact form or email as soon as possible to initiate processing of your cancellation and refund prior to shipment by our warehouse.


We process monthly wine club memberships on the first day of every month.

Individual bottle and accessory purchases are processed immediately.

Sales tax rates are based on your shipping address.

Sign in to your account and navigate to the ‘Credit Card On File’ section to update payment methods.


We’re currently servicing all states except Mississippi and Utah.

We ship packages shortly after processing wine club memberships on the first day of every month (usually within 48 hours).

Yes, though FedEx will allow you to do so only once. Options for administering the changes are as follows:

1) Reroute your package to a nearby FedEx or retail location where they’ll hold your package for five days at no additional cost in anticipation of your in-person pickup. Instructions –

2) Contact us to request an address change on your behalf. You’ll incur a $16 FedEx fee plus any applicable difference in the cost of shipping to the new destination, which will be charged to your credit card on file.

Packages containing wine must be verified as received by an adult 21 years of age or older, be it you or someone on your behalf.  Note that FedEx will attempt delivery three times in total but if you anticipate a conflict of schedule, please reference the rerouting options described in the previous FAQ.

Yes, we encourage shipping to business addresses to ensure receipt by an adult 21 years of age or older.

Depending on your location, ground shipping from our warehouse ranges from 3-10 business days.

Upon processing by our warehouse, you will receive an email with a tracking number for your monthly wine club shipment.

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